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Our modular partitions conform to stringent cleanroom requirements. Our team’s forte is into building aesthetic cleanrooms using modular partitions manufactured to global standards such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). The application ranges from pharmaceutical and semiconductor cleanrooms to modular operation theatres in hospitals


Modular panels are preferred over RCC wall & other alternatives due to the below advantages

  • Look aesthetically appealing.

  • Are relatively cheaper.

  • Customisable and Flexible to integrate with electrical conduits, HEPA filter modules and light fixtures.

  • Lighter, compact and take less time for installation.

  • Scratch resistant and do not shred particles.

  • Easy to clean.

We deal with supply and installation of below modular panels


  • Wall panels.

  • Ceiling panels.

  • View panels.

  • Return air risers.

  • Cleanroom doors.

  • Accessories.

  • Door inter locks.


We deal with supply and installation of modular panels of below specifications


  • Infill material : PUF, Rockwool and EPS.

  • Thickness : 50-100 mm.

  • Walkable and non-walkable panels.

  • MOC: GI power coated or SS.

  • MOC Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm.

  • Fire resistant panels.

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