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Organisations across the world are under tremendous pressure from the stakeholders to keep the costs under control. They are exploring innovative ways to utilise the resources better and keep the costs of overheads optimal. Automation can help in reducing the manpower, cost of production, manual intervention in controlling & monitoring and other variable overheads such as electricity.  


IBMS is imperative to achieve the above objective in the production facilities. It is very effective in monitoring and controlling the critical parameters such as pressure, temperature, RH, men and material movement, lighting levels, equipment functioning, filter pressure drop etc. For all such critical parameters, set points can be defined so that they are controlled within the range. In case any parameter crosses the set point, the BMS will assess and sends the signal to appropriate system to work on to bring the parameter under control.


All these can be monitored and controlled from a central or a remote computer. Moreover, all these can be recorded into a computer system for further data analysis as well. The BMS is heavily customisable as per the clients' requirement that varies from one to another.


UniKelvin helps you to achieve the maximum productivity at a minimum cost of operations. We have experience in design and executing BMS with a seamless integration across all the components of the facility.


We offer organisations the below BMS with seamless integration of all systems  


  • HVAC: Filter choking, controlling Temp, RH, CO2 level, Pump speed, flow modulation, ADP sensing

  • Electrical: monitoring lighting, UPS, panel breaker, quality of power

  • Third party integration of utilities such as compressors, vacuum pumps, boilers, etc

  • Fire detection & alarm

  • CCTV

  • Public Announcement (PA) System

  • Access control & Intruder alarm

  • Parking management

  • Rodent control

  • Water leak detection

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