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Unikelvin -  Committed to provide world class HVAC Systems.


Unikelvin, headquartered in Bengaluru, India, is a leading provider of turnkey HVAC solutions for Commercial, Industrial and residential spaces. We cater to commercial office spaces, residential apartments, industrial air-conditioning and ventilation for Food, Pharma, Biotech & Healthcare Facilities.

Unikelvin was founded in 2018, by a team strong management and passionate engineering professionals. Unikelvin is committed to make difference by helping companies build cost-effective, energy-efficient, long lasting and environmental-friendly HVAC solutions conforming to global standards.  


Unikelvin is recognised for its comprehensive portfolio of services and products. We deal with Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Validation and Maintenance of HVAC, Electrical, IBMS, Modular Partitions, Plumbing & Firefighting, Engineering Utilities, Laboratory Furniture and Cleanroom Equipment. 

Unikelvin's advantage lies in marrying emerging technologies with the global manufacturing guidelines to provide our clients with holistic range of services under one roof.  Working together with the stakeholders, we discover ideas and connect the dots to build a better and a bold new future.

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